Mechanical hygrostat from 35 to 95% RH Iek

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Garantie: 24 luni

Cod: YCE-MH-35-95

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Thermostats and hygrostats are meant to control fans and heaters. When installed in conjunction with a heater (NC) or fan (NO) is used to maintain a predetermined temperature and humidity inside the electrical cabinets and the organization of stable operation of the installed active equipment. They are also used to activate the alarm sensors when the temperature limit is exceeded or lowered. Thanks to its simple construction, it is easy to install and operate.Wide range of temperature and humidity adjustment with low error.
Easy to install and configure.
High switching capacity.
Significant service life.
Wide range of nomenclature.Mounting method: EV006428
Contact type: IEK_V0000794
Nominal rated voltage: 240
Type of switch function: EV000201
Material housing: EV000139
Colour: EV000270
RAL-number: 7035
Operating temperature range: -60...+60
Ambient class: IEK_V0000172
Degree of protection (IP): EV006405
Maximum switching capacity: AC: 250 В, 5А; DC: 20 Вт
Maximum start-up current: 16

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