Incalzitor pentru DIN-rail enclosed 100W IP20 Iek

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Cod: YCE-CS-100-20

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The DIN rail heater is designed to heat the air inside electrical cabinets. The generated convection air flow prevents the formation of low temperature areas and protects electrical components from condensation and freezing during temperature changes, as well as corrosion of the metal elements of the active equipment. The presence of a self-regulating heater ensures natural circulation of heated air inside the cabinet and avoids overheating. When installed in conjunction with the thermostat, it is used to maintain the required temperature inside the cabinet and the organization of stable operation of the installed equipment. It can be used in AC electrical equipment with frequency of 50 Hz and voltage up to 230 V. Dynamic air heating system is the most effective in long-term operation. Connection by means of clamps makes the installation as simple and fast as possible.Compact heaters are made of anodized aluminum profile and have the function of self-regulation, which allows to avoid overheating and maintain fire safety.
Dynamic air heating system is the most effective in long-term operation and allows you to significantly save energy consumed.
The optimal shape of the radiator increases the efficiency of heat transfer by increasing the rate of convection while maintaining small dimensions.
Increased service life of heaters with high reliability.
Wide range of DC and AC operating voltage.
Wide range of nomenclature.Rated power: 100
Type of clamp for wire connection: EV001790
Heating element: IEK_V0000487
Colour housing: EV000206
Nominal rated voltage: 120...240
Operating voltage at AC 50 Hz: 230
Operating voltage at DC: 230
Voltage type: EV000509
Degree of protection (IP): EV006405
Radiator material: EV000072
Material housing: IEK_V0000486
Section of the connected conductors: 2,5
Width: 60.0
Height: 150
Depth: 90.0
Continuous heating power at 20: 100
Operating temperature range: -60...+70
Ambient class: IEK_V0000172
Nominal frequency: 50

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